About the Artist • Jerry Shevick


Jerry Shevick has been taking photographs for the last 30 years, and began printing and selling his work over the last 20.   He has predominantly worked in black and white, but with the creation of his ongoing series in 2012, And The Past Reared Its Head, he has plunged with both feet into color.  The series takes vintage slides from Jerry’s past, as well as from many others, and through a process of re-shooting and re-imagining the photograph, looks at our collective past.  In many ways, these photographs echo themes that always seem to thread through Jerry’s work:  quiet moments that pull you into a story–--whether yours or one imagined.

Tangential to Jerry being an accomplished gardener and garden designer, he is now producing large-scale botanical pressings.  Mounted on fine Japanese paper, these pieces look at nature as design and architecture.

Jerry’s two children’s books, Maxfield & The Mixed Animals and I Was A Boy Zombie are currently with the Paul S. Levine Literary Agency.

Jerry is also behind two new companies:  Malibu Mountain Farms, LLC is a small organic farm that is currently launching an artisanal pickle line based on Jerry’s recipes.  There is also a citrus orchard and lavender field, with lavender products to follow. Peace for Pets Aquamation, Inc. is bringing to market a gentle and totally green alternative for cremating pets.  Launching in early 2013, this will be one of the first companies offering the environmentally conscious service in the country.

 For most of his career, Jerry was an entertainment executive, running a division of Hearst Entertainment and then founding his own company.  He created or produced over 1,500 episodes of non-fiction programming, winning a number of awards along the way.  He was also an executive on over 50 made-for-television movies.  Jerry is still involved in the industry by teaching a producing course for the Academy of Art in San Francisco and is always keeping an eye out for potential talent.

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